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Employee advocacy success: What type of content will advocates share?

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Knowing the best type of content to ask colleagues to share on your employee advocacy programme is a key factor in how successful your programme is going to be. Get it right, and your advocates will share content that feels authentic and natural to share. Get it wrong and advocates will drop out after a few shares.

So, what should you be sharing, and what do you need to consider when you’re asking people from across the company who have different roles and experience, and may be working in different regions or countries?


Inspring content

At Qubist, we help leading brands put marketing into the hands of staff by letting their own people talk. We launched the platform over 5 years ago, when advocacy wasn’t the done thing and over the years we’ve gained a lot of experience in what to do and what not to do.

So, here we share some of our tips on creating inspiring content for employee advocates that will build authentic brand awareness and engage your target audience.

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Content that advocates like to share

We sometimes get asked if advocates are resistant to sharing work related content to their own networks. In our experience, if you get your content right, advocates will be happy to share ongoing.

Aim to create a variety of weekly content for an advocacy programme to generate both ongoing, regular sharing by advocates and engagement by their followers and friends.

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Qubist Tip: Use a data-led approach to planning and optimising content. Tracking content performance through Qubist on a weekly basis means you can optimise your content strategy ongoing.

Different types of content

It is important to help advocates achieve value out of the content as quickly as possible. Target different content to different people to increase relevance and the desire to share. Smart content targeting via the advocacy platform allows you to segment your advocates and serve them more personalised content prompts and suggestions.

Whether they start out with pre-populated click and share suggestions, want to tell their own learning stories, or share curated thought leadership on latest trends in your sector, the key is to keep it varied.

Qubist Tip: Setting challenges are a great way to inspire advocates to go the extra mile

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An insight-led content strategy

You need a strategy for your programme – it goes back to my earlier point about creating a programme that is insight-led. Using data intelligence from Qubist, our clients are able to plan and optimise content so it’s relevant, timely, authentic and targeted to give value to different sharing personas.

Qubist Tip: Employees’ followers are more likely to engage with authentic and relevant content from advocates. 

Content planning

Here are a few key steps to creating your content plan:

  • Divide content in marketing topics based on knowledge of advocate groups
  • Use a marketing calendar to ensure content is timely and relevant to end-users
  • Integrate and amplify wider marketing messages and product activity to maximise share of voice through advocates
  • Produce a balance of content to feel authentic and contextual

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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Written by Caroline

Engagement Director and friend to influential bloggers far and wide. Expert in online editorial and content production that generates true engagement from online audiences. Focuses on Qube’s travel clients, heading up engagement for some of our luxury hotel and airline brands. Spends a curious amount of time visiting 5 star hotels in places like Mauritius on our behalf… at least she tells us it’s necessary for work…

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