Meet the team

The Qubist advocate marketing platform and methodology was devised by the advocacy marketing experts at Qube Media Ltd.

We are a the leading UK advocate marketing agency with clients in Europe and worldwide. Our advocate marketing software generates strong ROI and is based on our experience running a social media agency since 2003.

We enable brands to reach millions of people every month simply by finding and activating their untapped online brand influencers and advocates.

We are a growing company and are currently looking for a Business Developement Manager to join us, based in our Brighton studio. More details here: Business Development Manager.

Andrew Seel

Chief Executive Officer

More than 20 years experience online. Keen digital strategist, perfectionist, chocolate fiend. Yachtsman, recently sailed the Fastnet race for the second time. Previously senior editor at AOL and creative director of his own digital agency, GetFrank. In short, he really knows his stuff, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get his team to achieve that.

Nigel Cooper

Chief Marketing Officer

More than 18 years experience online. Before setting Qube up with Andrew, Nigel was a writer and editor at Channel 4 Television and newspaper sub editor. Loves the social web and understands how people interact online – with each other, with brands and with influencers. Also a marathon runner and novelist and he is also about to take part in Tough Mudder (with little training). Has a ginger dog called Luka, who is Head of Stress Management. 

Nigel is also a novelist, his debut novel Beat The Rain was published in July 2016.

Caroline Jory

Engagement Director

Engagement Director and friend to influential bloggers far and wide. Caroline is an integral member of the top team here at Qube - frankly we don't know what we'd do without her. She's an expert in online editorial and content production that generates true engagement from online audiences. She focuses on Qube’s travel clients, heading up engagement for some of our luxury hotel and airline brands. Spends a curious amount of time visiting 5 star hotels in the Indian Ocean on our behalf… at least she tells us it’s necessary for work…

Mark Henshall

Head of Content

Mark is an award-winning content strategist, travel writer and editor with more than 15 years’ experience in travel. He’s organised, down to earth and has a well rounded, integrated approach to digital content that gets results. His experience in online PR, SEO, social, conversion, UX and PPC is invaluable to the team.

Glenn Belton

Community Manager

Glenn makes sure our client content is published and distributed across social channels online. He feeds the community knowledge he gains from this back to our engagement team and helps to put together monthly reports for our clients. Has hair like Screech from Saved By The Bell. Every day he turns up at the office, he and ‘the wife’ seem to have acquired another new dog.

Sarah Betts

Community Manager

Sarah joined us as an marketing intern and quickly established herself as a valuable member of the team. She has quickly risen through the ranks. She's a great people person with keen digital skills, a great copywriter. Can learn anything quickly without having to ask twice.

Hélèn Ceysson

Hélèn Ceysson

Community Manager

Hailing from France, Hélène works with both English and French speaking communities for clients globally. Helene is focused, practical and knows how to achieve results.

Susanne Schuster

Copywriter and Translator

German speaker, translator and copywriter. Long-term freelance on our German language projects, including Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Maxine Sheppard

Copywriter and editor

Maxine is a professional freelance travel editor and writer and has worked with us for the past two years. Her digital content is always effective and on brand. 

Charlotte Gann

Copywriter and Editor

Charlotte has worked with us for a number of years. A copywriter and editor with extensive experience online and off. She works on retained client projects such as the ICAEW Business Advice Service. She's a published poet and writer with flare for getting just the right tone of voice for our clients.

Polly Hayes


Copywriter with a fantastic way with words. Polly is able to deliver content that inspires readers to share online, a key skill for digital marketing. Polly has worked as a freelance for Qube for a number of years.


Sarah Price


An essential member of our accounts team, Sarah is our bookkeeper and the person who keeps us all in line with our receipts. Sarah is freelance and it is always pleasure when she's in the office.


Kath Barlow


Payroll and finance – makes sure we all get paid. Very important.


Luka Dog

Head of Stress Management

Luka Dog is 11 now and has been part of the Qube office since she was a puppy. Back then, she wouldn't let the phone ring without howling in terror. She's more sedate nowadays and is always available for a stroke if anyone is having a tough day.